About Us

Trusted Telecoms is the world’s leading online telecoms service dedicated to connecting customers with the very best telecoms service providers. Customers who are in need of telecoms services can search our trusted directory and message services providers with confidence, for free!

We’re independent and every listed service on Trusted Telecoms goes through our strict due diligence process, giving customers complete peace of mind when placing new or existing sales enquiries.

Only registered users can leave reviews, so they are always based on genuine experiences. This feedback allows other customer to confidently approach telecoms service providers they can trust.

Service providers can in turn use their ratings and ‘trusted’ status to build their reputation and portfolio of local clients.

Who’s behind TrustedTelecoms.com?

We are an independent team of ex-industry professionals with the aim of promoting telecoms services and forging long-lasting relationships between trusted providers and their customers. We’ve held management positions at mobile networks, hardware distributors, manufacturers and comms dealers. We love the market and all that it stands for, which is why we champion trusted telecoms service providers at every given opportunity.

Wondering what checks are carried out?

Our approval process scores service providers on a number of competencies, including: year of formation, company registration information, credit reports, management personnel, payment terms and ethical standings. We also perform routine checks on customer feedback websites and require users of TrustedTelecoms.com to score their customer experiences.

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